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FAQ - Roll Top Covers

How long does it take to fit an Armadillo Roll-Top?

It can take 2-4 hours for a Manual and 6-8 hours for an Auto Roll Top Covers

I need a part for my Armadillo Roll-Top where can I get it?

Simply email info@armadilloconcepts.co.za with your requirements and we will supply you with anything needed for your Armadillo.

How strong is the Armadillo Roll Top?

The Armadillo Roll on cover can take a spread load of up to 500kg’s (excl. Ford Wildtrak T6)

How weatherproof is it?

When fitted correctly, the Roll on cover is weatherproof but the load bin has gaps in the panel joints thus allowing water ingress.

Can a sports bar / Roll bar be fitted with the Roll Top?

Yes you can and Armadillo has developed a custom bar that will complement the look and quality of the Roll on cover together with your vehicle.

Alternatively if your vehicle already has a roll bar, Armadillo South Africa will modify your current roll bar to fit with your Armadillo.

What is the Roll Top made of?

The highest quality aluminium.

How much space does it take up?

When the roll top is closed the canister in a double cab uses 165mm x 165mm, a single cab (long wheel base) uses 205mm x 205mm. When the roll top is open the canister lid and end slat (last slat on the roll top which houses the lock) takes up approximately 300mm of the load bin length on top of the canister.

Will it fit with my plastic bed liner?

Yes if it is an under rail liner, otherwise the liner will require some trimming.