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FAQ - Swimming Pool Covers

How does it open and close?

The Armadillo Pool Cover is fully automated and is operated by a remote controlled 24 volt DC system with its own battery backup.

What is the cover made of?

The Armadillo Automated Pool Cover is made of Extruded Aluminium and Stainless Steel.

Is the cover child proof?

Yes the Armadillo Pool Cover can easily support 4 Adults anywhere on the cover.

Will it keep out leaves etc?

Yes when fully closed no leaves or debris can enter your water.

Will it reduce chemical usage?

Yes you will have up to a 60% saving on pool chemicals. Scales back pool maintenance (filtering, backwashing, chemical use) Which saves on electricity costs.

Will it prevent evaporation?

Yes it will reduce evaporation by up to 98% - significant water savings. An average (8m x 4m) pool loses approx 32,000 litres to evaporation if left uncovered.

How will it affect my water temperature?

The Armadillo Pool Cover will increase your water temperature by between 5 & 7 degrees. Heat retention, warmer water - extends swimming season by 6 -8 weeks.

What would happen if you closed the cover whilst people were in the pool?

We have a built in safety system that will automatically stop the cover from closing should it come into contact with anyone or anything.