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Vehicle Lighting and Surveillance

Night Owl Vehicle Surveillance Solution

Woodway Engineering and 360 Vision Technology have combined their engineering capabilities to produce a unique and versatile, vehicle mounted camera solution which can be deployed where a rapid security response is required. The system can be fitted to standard estate cars and 4 x 4 vehicles, as well as traditional vans and bespoke vehicles.

Vehicle Surveillance Solution Benefits

• Mast extension up to 3 meters above vehicle roof mounting to maximize camera view.
• Totally self-contained, operating from the vehicle’s own 12v/24v battery system, no generator or external power supply necessary.
• Choice of permanent or roof rail fixing for non-intrusive vehicle installation. Rapid mast deployment and stowage.
• Streaming of live video and full PTZ control available from inside the vehicle, or remotely via a Video Transmission Unit. With full 1080p HD video recorded onto a 2TB hard disk supplied.
• Viewing live camera footage to remote viewers and across multiple platforms including mobile phones, tablets and PC’s.
• Multiple viewers can view the video in real time and full remote PTZ control.
• Take advantage of low bitrate video transmission operating down to 5kbps, allowing deployment without geographical restrictions due to network restrictions.

Download our Vehicle Surveillance Brochure

Night Owl Lighting Configurations

Woodway’s mast systems can be fitted with a range of high intensity LED lighting options designed to meet a customers specific illumination requirements. These include spot, flood and combination lighting, up to 16,000 lumens per light head.


Benefits of LED Lighting

High Performance - LED lights are extremely efficient and offer high lumen output/watt.
Reliable - 5 years lighting warranty.
Durable - LED lighting benefits from solid state electronics and this feature combined with a rugged die cast housing, making these lights ideal for use in the most demanding of working environments.
Versatile - Communication equipment and LED beacons in a variety of colours can also be combined with the LED lighting onto Woodway’s

Recommended LED lighting options include 24V vehicle system offering up to 64,000 lumens and 12v vehicle systems up to 32,000 lumens.

Note: Woodway’s masts can be equipped with a range of ruggedized high performance camera systems including IR, thermal imaging and video transmission facilities.

Download our Vehicle Lighting Brochure