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Mobile Illumination & Surveillance Systems

The night owl is a versatile pneumatic mast system for environments where lighting is insufficient, CCTV coverage is poor or unavailable and where information needs to be remotely communicated back to a command centre.

This self-contained unit can be fixed directly to your vehicle’s roof, bakkie load bin, truck, trailer, ambulance, service vehicle or fire engine. This mast system offers a stable platform to mount LED lighting, cameras, emergency and warning beacons, surveillance and communication systems.

Helping to protect people and property worldwide

The Night Owl is ideally suited for a wide range of applications and can be specified to customers’ needs

• Road Side Assistance
• Border Security
• Asset Protection
• Surveillance/Deterrence
• Crowd and Events Management
• Rapid response units
• Anti-poaching units
• Construction and Maintenance vehicles
• Emergency Services

Benefits of the Night Owl

• Fully mobile, where your vehicle can go the Night Owl goes
• Illuminates the operator’s working area providing a safe working enviroment
• Roof mounted mast extension heights from 2-4m
• Fast, horizontal to full vertical mast extension
• Rapid Mast Stowage
• No internal vehicle space required
• Operated from a vehicle’s own battery system
• Smooth pan and tilt 350-degree rotation of mast head
• Full diagnostic maintenance analysis
• Available in both 12V and 24V


Night Owl Classic uses proven technology and has established a worldwide reputation as the most robust and reliable extending mast system providing Exceptional Lighting Solutions

• High Performance
• Reliable
• Durable
• Versatile



Night Owl Classic Features

• Comes fitted with Whelen Pioneer series of LED light heads, offering excellent performance and outstanding reliability
• Lighting configurations can include floodlights, spotlights or a combination of lights with LED beacons and LED warning lights
• High intensity white LED and infrared lighting up to 80’000 lumen, including wide angle flood and long range spot lighting configurations.
• Constructed from stainless steel and is suitable for use in the most demanding environmental conditions
• Its slim footprint is ideal to use where roof space is at a premium
• Extending mast up to 2.07m, ideal for all vehicle types
• Operator Handset
- Heavy duty handheld controller with water proof switches allows most functions to be easily operated by a gloved hand
- Momentary action, solid colour coded push buttons prevent buttons being accidentally left on
- Single operation mast stowing
- Partial mast raising

Download our Vehicle Lighting Brochure


Utilizing the Night Owl Classic footprint and a single arm extension of 1.0m to 1,5m requiring no air supply making for a lighter and cost-effective alternative Exceptional Work area illumination Solutions.


Night Owl Lite Features

• Fixed height to customer specifications
• Can be configured with floodlights, spotlights, LED beacons and LED warning lights or a combination
• Illuminates working area to provide a safe working enviroment in haradoz or low light areas
• Constructed from stainless steel suitable for most environmental conditions
• It slim footprint is ideal for use where roof space is limited
• Operator Handset
- Heavy duty handheld controller with water proof switches allows the mast to be easily operated with a gloved hand
- Single operation mast stowing
- Partial mast raising
- Momentary action, sealed colour coded push buttons to prevent buttons being accidentally left on


Night Owl Vision is the latest development in the Night Owl family providing vehicle mounted camera solutions which can be deployed where a rapid security response is required giving Exceptional Surveillance Solutions.

• Versatile
• Self-contained
• Ready to Respond
• Unique


Night Owl Vision Feature

• Mast extension up to 3m above the vehicle roof to maximize camera view.
• Automatic obstruction sensor
• Automatic locking mechanism to eliminate vibration to the head system while travelling
• Self-contained, no generator or external power supply necessary
• Can be configured with a range of cameras, loudspeakers, GPS, antennae and communication systems, including the Predator camera from 360 Vision
• Wirelessly connected for convenience direct to tablet/laptop or smartphone via an app.
• The Night Owl mast provides a stable platform for thermal imaging and movement sensitive cameras
• Streaming of live video and full PTZ control available from inside the vehicle
• Viewing live in real time or to remote viewers across multiple platforms, including mobile phones and tablets.
• Operator Handset
- Ergonomical handset with a clear LED display
- Back illumination switches for night
- Visual last fault diagnostics

Download our Vehicle Surveillance Solutions Brochure