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Roll Top Covers

The Roll-Top has been designed to fit onto all makes of vehicle and easy modifications are available to accommodate roll-bars or other extrusions on a vehicle.

The Roll-Top has been designed to meet any demand that the load-bin might have, and is an attractive alternative to standard load-bin covers.

With security as a focus, the Roll-Top is made from strong, secure and lightweight aluminium with a specialised locking system that allows for complete safety of goods in the load bin. 

Rolling up completely to allow for the full use of the load bin, or extended with a canopy on top, the Roll-Top does not restrict the capacity of the load bin.

Features of the Roll-Top

Benefits of the Roll-Top

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Nissan are pleased to recommend Armadillo products as they are manufactured to the highest quality and backed by excellent technical support and customer service to our dealer network.” 
(Gareth Evans Nissan UK)

Please Note: The following pictures are examples and the Armadillo Product range is not limited to models shown.



Ford Roll Top



Ford Roll Top



Ford Roll Top



Ford Roll Top



Ford Roll Top