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Roller Shutters

We specialise in high quality aluminium shutters for almost any window, passageways and doors for the domestic and commercial market. Our products are specifically designed, manufactured and installed to suit your unique requirements.

We give professional advice on product application, design recommendations and installation for those who want the safest environment around their home.

To attest to our quality of products and service, our products carry a 12 month warranty.


Roller Shutters for Passageways

Create a safehaven in your home by keeping your living quarters safe and sound with the most desireable and sought after installation in your home. It is discreet and simple yet is a security barrier in any home between the sleeping and living areas.

Roller Shutters for Doors

Secure your entrances with a variety of styles and colours. Armadillo's unique aluminium system can be applied to almost any doorway, keeping in mind your need for an aesthetically pleasing finished product that fits in with the design of your home.

Roller Shutters for Windows

Secure your windows and have the added advantage of not seeing the application by simply rolling it away into a neat box. This will ensure that there are no more obstructions to your view because of a bulky unwanted security system. You'll have complete privacy when you need it.

Roller Shutters for Sky Lights

The Armadillo shutter system can be incorporated into second level flooring allowing visual access to a lower level.


Roller Shutters for Patios

Close in your patio with aesthetically pleasing, secure shutters made to your specifications.

The interior and exterior parts of your home are all important to adding value to your property.

The patio area has to also be considered when securing your property completely.
Armadillo's custom security offers discreet and unparalleled security, both in its stylish looks and in its 21st century design.

Roller Shutters Specialised

Specialised applications include home entertainment centres, board room technical equipment, auditoriums and very innovative ways of securing your prized possessions like fish tanks and libraries. The options are endless and we will consult with you to discuss the very best solution for your needs.