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Pool Covers Warranty & Maintenance


Armadillo products are free from defects in material and workmanship, according to the following terms:

  1. The limited warranty for the roller door extends for the first twelve (12) months beginning on the date of hand over of the product
  2. During the limited warranty period, Armadillo authorized fitters will repair or replace any defective products or parts with new or factory rebuild replacement items and return it to the customer in a working condition. No charge will be made to the customer for either parts or labour in repairing or replacing the faulty product. All replacement parts or equipment shall become property of Armadillo.
  3. Customers shall have no coverage of benefits under this warranty if any of the following conditions are applicable:
    1. Abnormal use, abnormal conditions, normal wear and tear of the product, unauthorized repair by any other company, acts of God, maladjustment of the customer controls or other acts which are beyond reasonable control of Armadillo, including deficiencies in consumable parts such as breakage or damage to remotes, slats, guide rails, wall switches, end slats; unless caused directly by a defect in the material or workmanship of the product.
    2. Armadillo was not notified by the customer of the alleged defect or malfunction of the product during the applicable limited warranty period
    3. Motors that burn out or get damage by reconnection of power supply that was not attended to by a qualified electrician or surges of power or lightning, fuses are blown due to powder dips and surges or lightning.
    4. The battery was short circuited or seal of the battery enclosures are broken and show evidence of tampering or battery was used in equipment other than, that for which has been specified
    5. The roller door has been left open for a period longer than 6 hours, battery charging takes place in the closed position only.
    6. Board memory is disabled and stops working due to the remote being continuously pressed to open and close in a short period of time; the button on the remote is held down instead of pressing and immediately releasing.
    7. The roller door comes up to an obstruction that gets stuck under the roller door causing jamming or drag on the curtain causing motor or electronic board damage.
    8. Cover is opened or closed without removing obstructions and/or dirt in the side rails, in water, on curtain or in spirals causing jamming


Roller Door Safety and Maintenance Instructions

  1. Make sure that there is no obstructions in the way of the roller door prior to opening and closing
  2. Make sure the roller door is free from all dirt and debris prior to use, you must always make sure that there is no obstruction in the guide rails or on the curtain, it must stay clean. Dust, dirt, cement dust, leaves etc. lies in between the slats of the roller door and causes excessive drag on the cover, this in turn will cause the board and/or the motors to burn out.
  3. Do not press remote or wall switch all the time for the roller door to open and close continuously, the board will overheat and/or blow fuses and will stop working for its own protection.
  4. Do not let animals, children or adults stand or walk on the roller door while in operation, the motors and board can only take the weight of the shutter while in operation. The motor and board will burn out if it is used incorrectly. Do not hold on the curtain when opening or closing.Caution the surface may be hot.
  5. Make sure that the charging points in the side rails are unobstructed at all times.
  6. Spirals need to be kept clean and lubricated. Clean with warm soapy water and spray with WD40 when dry
  7. The cover is designed for safety not storage; please do not place furniture or goods onto the curtain.
  8. Keep remote in safe place, away from children at all times. Use only in the fully open position, do not use pool if cover is partially open.
  9. Do not try to close the cover manually, call Armadillo for assistance.


Maintenance Procedures – Architectural Grade Powder Coating

Architectural Grade Powder is an organic coating which needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure the decorative and protective properties of the coating is retained. 

The best method of cleaning is by regular washing of the coating using a solution of warm water and mild detergent (e.g. 5% Teepol solution).  All surfaces should be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge, using nothing harsher than natural bristle brushes. 

The frequency of cleaning depends in part on the exposure to the natural elements and the frequency of use, never open the cover if it is dirty or has deposits of leaves and/or any other debris without cleaning first.




What to Do When You Need a Repair

  1. If a problem develops during the limited warranty period, the customer should follow the following steps:
    1. Contact Armadillo at (011) 230-6600 and give your information;
      • Surname, Address
      • Warranty number , Date of installation
      • Description of the problem
    2. All the information will be recorded and Customer Service Liaison will arrange on which day a booking can be made and they will send out a fitter to do the repairs on the shutter. Armadillo shall as soon as reasonably practicable repair goods or re-perform services; Armadillo agrees that the repair will be undertaken between one (1) and seven (7) working days from date of complaint.
  2. Upon request from Armadillo, the customer must provide purchase receipt or other information to prove the date of installation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I check first if pool cover is not working?

Always check the power to the charger is connected and switched on.

I have pressed the remote but there is no beep and the cover is not moving.

The fuse or the board may be blown due to abuse, power surge or lightning, call Armadillo for assistance.


The batteries are not charged sufficiently to activate the board, ensure the cover is closed and allow the batteries to charge fully before trying to operate the curtain again.

I have pressed my remote and there is a beep sound but my cover is not moving.

The fuse may be blown due to abuse, power surge or lightning, call Armadillo for assistance.


Limit may be stuck due to dirt etc.