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Swimming Pool Covers

Pool Cover Warranty and Maintenance Brochure

The Armadillo Automated Pool Cover is one of a kind! 

When we designed and developed our pool cover, safety was our first priority.

The cover is made from lightweight powder coated aluminum interlocking slats which creates a strong, robust, surface tough enough to walk over. The cover is strong enough to prevent pets, children and adults from falling in the water. Parental supervision is always recommended for children in the vicinity of any body of water, the Armadillo pool cover is not a replacement for this supervision.

Each Armadillo Pool cover is individually made and customized to specific client’s requirements, fully integrated into the pool giving you piece of mind that nothing can slip between the cover and the internal wall of the pool. The Armadillo Pool cover comes in a variety of pleasing colour options so they can be tailored to suit most new pool designs.


As the Armadillo Pool cover is a rigid slatted cover that supports the weight of an average adult it can only be fitted to square or rectangle pools, with a maximum width of 4 meters. Our cover is suitable for all pool types, concrete, fiberglass, tiled however is NOT recommend for salt chlorinated pools. The areas around a salt chlorinated pool, where pool covers, decking, coping and equipment are wetted by salt water, will go through a cycle of wetting and drying, creating much higher concentrations of salt and salt residue, which is much more corrosive and will etch decking and corrode exposed aluminum and metal fittings.

When the cover is opened the slatted curtain retracts in aluminum tracks that are recessed into the sides of the pool into a below ground cavity therefore totally concealing the device when not in use. As the pool cover only charges in the closed position, it cannot be left open for more than 6 hours. Requirements for the underground cavity will be provided to the pool builder or architect prior to pool construction. The below ground cavity can then be covered with a customized pit cover that allows us access to the full width of the cavity.

If you are planning to build a pool, the Armadillo Pool cover is a perfect solution to protect your family and friends, our pool cover is aesthetically attractive and will enhance the look of your pool. The Armadillo pool cover can be fitted to indoor or outdoor pools.

Features & Benefits of the Automated Pool Cover