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The Armadillo Truck Door/Vertical Custom Solutions

Quick & Easy access to your cargo

Armadillo Concepts are constantly researching and developing unique body concepts to suit the needs and uses of across-the-board industries.

The Armadillo Truck Door has been designed to fit onto all makes of light and heavy duty commercial vehicles. Our Truck Doors are designed to meet any demand that the load area might have. The Armadillo truck door improves efficiency as it is quick and easy to use and has many advantages over traditional hinged doors.

With security as a focus, the Truck Door is made from strong, secure and lightweight materials with a specialised locking system that allows for complete safety of products in the load area.

Rolling up completely to allow for the full use of the load area, the Truck Door does not restrict the capacity of the load area. With the option of colour-coding, or decaling, the Truck Doors can follow corporate branding or blend in with a truck thereby not appearing as an addition.

All our vertical doors are custom made, supplied in a powder coated finish and available in a wide range of colours.

Materials proudly sourced in South Africa.

The Truck Doors Features

The Truck Doors Benefits

Interlocking double skin aluminium extruded slats making our system the lightest truck doors on the market

Lightweight (all-aluminium construction)

Retracts into a very compact roll. Smallest roll up or roll over system available, allowing for minimum head room being used

Rust-free and weatherproof

Can also be mounted externally if required

High quality, virtually maintenance free

Handle over or high security locking system

Fully lockable & secure

Low maintenance

Custom built: fits a wide range of applications

Easy installation can be DIY

Strong and durable


Vertical – unaffected by wind and does not swing into traffic