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Our Beginnings

Every great company has its roots in humble beginnings – and with Armadillo Concepts there has been no exception. What began as a small project in a sleepy coastal town in 1994 has developed into a highly efficient and solutions driven organization.

By becoming a results driven organization, Armadillo Concepts is at the forefront of product development through the utilization of specifically researched and tested materials. These quality products and an exceptional R&D department, allows us to provide our market with the individual solutions they require. With innovation as a basis for success, Armadillo Concepts strives to develop new products for new markets, and is only satisfied when the full potential has been realized.

The journey developing the Armadillo Roll-Top and Truck Door was exciting for all involved, becoming the first company in South Africa to offer aluminum roll-up doors instead of the conventional roll-over and hinged doors.


The company is situated in Spartan, South Africa where the heartbeat of the company can be found. With its 2500m2 of office and factory floor space and over 50 dedicated employees, Armadillo distributes its products through its national fitment centers and international partners.

The growth of the company is founded on awareness that its most valued assets are its staff and their passionate belief in the production of quality products. This makes Armadillo an exciting organisation, which is highly respected by customers and suppliers.

Armadillo has the passion to provide unparalleled service, the drive and experience to develop and research new ideas and the determination to be a market leader.

The management team is a focused and dedicated group of qualified and respected leaders, who are the driving force behind Armadillo Concepts. Pivotal to the final production of any product bearing the Armadillo Concepts name is the smooth flow of information and ideas between this team.

To meet the challenge of providing a solution, and developing an infrastructure that will manage any other problems that might arise, is a feat that few have achieved. At Armadillo Concepts our challenge is more than this.

Our challenge is to consistently and effectively provide solutions for business.