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The empowerment group "Disability Employment Concerns Trust" has joined the Armadillo team by taking an equity stake in the company. There remains in every aspect of its working day, the passion to provide unparalleled service, the drive to develop and research new ideas and the determination to be a market leader.

World-class facilities and skills to match have ensured that from concept to delivery, every part of the Armadillo experience is a positive one. The management team is a focused and dedicated group of highly qualified and respected leaders, who are the driving force behind Armadillo Concepts.

Pivotal to the final release of any product bearing the Armadillo name is the smooth flow of information and ideas between its management team. This gives our clients the opportunity to be exposed to the newest ideas, cutting edge technology and best value and service.

Being a results driven organisation, Armadillo Concepts is at the forefront of product development through the utilisation of specifically researched and tested materials. These quality products and an exceptional Research and Development department, allow us to provide our market with the individual solutions they require. With innovation as a basis for success, Armadillo Concepts strives to develop new products for new markets and is only satisfied when the full potential has been realised.